December 16th, 2012


We breed and handrear

Baby Cockatiels


Eclectus Parrots


We have been breeding and handrearing Cockatiels for over 12 years now

We specialize in raising these parrots for companion birds / pets.

We give all our baby birds lots of love and attention bring them into our house where they get used to everyday living and noises of a busy household (eg dogs barking, radio,T.V. etc.)

Handraised birds make the best pets as they are used to people handling them, riding on your shoulders and sitting on your fingers.

We handle them daily.

When you receive your cockatiel they will be finger tame and can” step up”.

They will not bite as they are used  to  being handled all the time.

If you have any questions, or want to email me click here.

Please note that we only sell birds in Melbourne Australia.

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We are Hobby / Breeders



Peter and Linda